Sunday, September 10, 2006

Dear Mr Blog

Dear Mr Blog,

Oh my god! Another Blog. So EVERYONE is starting a Blog. Sort of makes me feel a little lame starting one now. I’m a little out of touch as well, usually I’m on this kinda stuff way earlier than this. Oh well, I’m not doing it to be first.

Im feeling a little geeky at the moment, so turn away now if you think you wont be able to handle it!

Anyway, how about Sony! What the hell were they thinking, promising all those PS3's and then cutting them back, oh wait, I live in Australia..... We don’t even get to see them this year!!! Seriously though, they must be having some big troubles to be pulling back so much, sort of feel bad for them, I feel sorry for the ‘looks-so-good-on-papper-but-obviously-very-hard-to-make’ BlueRay. Glad I ordered a Wii instead.

Speaking of the Wii, I’m wondering what kind of adult games they will release on it. And yes, I mean adult games in the way of porn, not that ill go out and rush for it, I’m not really that kinda person, will be funny to see though. If you look at the Super Nintendo, Japan had a massive amount of porn games released. And I don’t mean those stupid rom’s you see scattered about in massive rom collections that you get from your mate that downloads 80gig of porn per week, I actually mean physical Super Nes cartridges. Japan had hundreds of them. So, I wonder what they are going to do with the next gen console with even more user interaction… mmmmmm.

What ever happen to Oasis? Wonderwall, dame good album, that’s why it sold so many in UK and in Australia. In fact I think they set the record for how many albums in the UK, which still hasn’t been broken, and then they come back with another couple of albums that hardly anyone talks about because they really weren’t that great. Poor fellas, they must have ran out of inspiration, or fish and chips, or something, pitty, they could have been so good. N00bs.

Heres a funny reference, “Microsoft™ (2006) defines Adware as ‘Advertising that is integrated into software. Adware is often combined with a host application that is provided at no charge as long as the user agrees to accept the Adware”. Does this mean that Google is classed as Adware????

Bah! My rant is done.

I’m off to find something else that’s becoming really popular, and get in early this time.


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  1. Yes you are lame for getting into the blogging game this late.. lol

    I've been blogging since May 05.

    Doesn't matter mate, as long as you blog about interesting stuff and blog often people will read and return.