Sunday, May 06, 2007


Still no internet. Borrowing internet from Jimmy and Jase so I have to be careful with the downloads…

So I think I’m going to look at the Wii mod chip, not for anything illegal of course! but to make my Wii playback DVDs. When I bought my Wii I thought that I didn’t really care if it had DVD video playback, but I’m in a mood to minimize the amount of crap I have in my TV cabinet.
So on the Xbox halo site they still are mentioning the halo movie in a sentence about the franchise, I thought it was certain that it was cancelled. Looks like they will be making a gears of war movie as well which I reckon is cool.

Just finished episode 7 of techAU (, still no lapel mic’s L, sooooooooo hard to find a good solution under $5000, still even without proper mic’s I reckon it’s the best ep yet. The “fresh” feeling is starting to go away but I still think I’m missing something in my script, oh well. All in time.
I’m off.

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