Saturday, May 26, 2007


Well after a long stint, I’m with bandwidth again. I never thought going without the internet for so long would be so hard to do, even when you have ultimited access to the net at work. But I’ve complained about that way to many times... I promise that was the last.

Big week in tech. Poor Apple got owned by false stories on Engadget and their shares paid the price (for a little while at least), and new technology for digital paper was announced.
In gaming, more Star Craft 2 media is out, DiRT looks friggen awesome and plays just as good, and the Halo 3 beta keeps making Jase happy.

In amongst trying to keep up with all that and the rest of the plethora of tech news, I’ve been having fun with my glorious Wii. While studying its insides (and maybe adding extra silicon...) and playing Super Paper Mario (which absolutely rocks).

Works insane, wish it would slow down a tad so I could do a little research and development every so often(bit of a R&D nut, love it). My “to research” list keeps getting bigger and bigger. Still, at least the works good and most of the time its fun.

Episode 9 of techAU should be up and I’m busily planning episode 10. Should be blast of a party.

And out...

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