Saturday, June 16, 2007

Walkabout 2007

Oh man I have never had so much pain in my stomach! I’m not sure why but I think my stomach is still getting over last week’s escapade of trying to find the best fortified wine in the
district... Still, it was fun and I did find some rather delicious samples :)

After so much wine, the beer at the pub at the end of the day was quite refreshing, until I spilt it, then slipped over onto my head and bought everyone nachos without remembering it... it was fun.

I hate it when work gets to a point where you spending so much time trying to work out when you going to get time to do everything... Sucks. And being straight out of uni doesn’t really help, feeling a little bit fresh in the whole scheme of things.
New Macs out in the week gone, want one so bad.

Music collection is feeling a bit stale; ever since Pandora was forcefully restricted to US I haven’t been getting my daily new tune dose. Kind makes my ears bored.

Alright, enough rambling.