Sunday, July 15, 2007


Awesome 11:30 breakfast today, accompanied by a well brewed Tasmanian beer and awesome company. Definitely the best meal of the week to go out for. MacGyver would approve.

Big week gone. Lots of stuff going on, good and bad. Tomorrow isn’t going to be a breeze at work either (5am start 6pm finish if everything goes smooth).

I’ve been rather lucky this month; work is sending me to the gold coast for a week to attend the massive Microsoft TechED. It's basically a massive lecture and hands on of many different Microsoft technologies, very geeky :) I’m stoked, can’t wait. It will be a lot of information to take in but I don’t think I’ll have a problem with that. I’ve never been past Canberra either so it will be a different area for me to explore.

Last but not least the new site is up. Big thanks to Jase for all the work that he put into it, I wish I had more than a limited creative mind to put into it. This venture is somewhere I haven’t been before and I’m looking forward to blogging like crazy. The idea of the change is to take all of the tech news we normally talk about and blog about and put it into one medium which is I hope people like it and find it informative; I have fun with it anyway.



  1. Canberra...the gold coast???


  2. as in ive never been any further upwards in Aus than Canberra, it will way further than anywhere ive ever gone in lower Aus really :) Should be awesome.

    LAND! LAND!....