Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Game Pain

So i was just talking about death in games with the guys at work, realizing that when you died there was no really feeling of loss, or feeling of failure. I think games should start implementing greater measures to increase the impact of dieing in a game.

Say your playing a Call of Duty 4, you die, the game uninstalls itself..... You die a second time, the game is removed again and a couple of random system drivers as well! Maybe the third time a couple of windows system file can be deleted or something.

You could then take it a step further to make the fighting realistic, install a thousand or so of the finger pricking things that people with diabetes use into a vest. where ever the character gets shot, you get a prick! Its realistic enough to get the message across and not kill them! Although I'm not sure how a shotgun blast at close range would feel.

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