Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Damn... still a geek.

For the past week I've been hooked on the US show Big Bang Theory. Dam its funny, and now I've got J hooked as well which was a little surprise (she isnt geeky at all). But its making me realise that I'm still a geek!

It all runs back around 18 months ago now, when i was feeling a little too geeky if you know what I mean. You know the feeling, like you've had to much to eat at dinner, and then you have desert and your stupidly full and you have another helping, almost exploding. Well that was me with about 15 years of geek build up.

Id just had enough, i thought there was a little more to life than seeing how many SNES roms you could collect that would never be played, all stored on 40+ hard disk array running off 5 different power supplies, all rigged up onto a make-shift rack mount case sitting on my lounge room floor!... nah i wasnt that bad but i could see my self doing it.

So i stepped back, lost 10kgs (i wasnt big or anything, i just got healthy), sold my Wii, sold my PC's and bought a Mac laptop, and 12 months later I'ts great. Ive gone from a full closet and half a garage of tech gear down to a shoe box with a couple of spare hard drives. I would'nt think of turning back into what i was.

However, i think a few little traites are coming back, like having an in depth discussion about the new nVidia 200 series graphics card with a friend and actually caring what the benchmarks were going to say, trying to find Deus Ex for Mac thinking that ill have a 'little go', and now relating myself to the caractors from the Big Bang Theory in pretty much every different scene that comes along and wishing i was in it... (sort of....)

Oh well, I'm certainly better off, but i guess you cant shake all the leaves out of the tree, I'm destined to remain a small amount geek for the rest of my life.

Man i wish i had the new iPhone... id soooooo mod it the first second i had it.


  1. Anonymous8:31 pm

    a geek huh.... well and truely. at least you are not as shy as those guys around females and the general public.

    i love your geekness

    j xo

  2. WHO ARE YOU!!! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH GUS!! ALSO..I'm glad you still eat tacos