Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Insomnia Hits, Stupid iPhone :(

So i cant sleep, sitting up looking at all the iPhone stuff and wishing i had one. Man am i sick of people talking about it though, yeah i get they are cool, yeah i get they are pretty wonderful and will make you life easier and without a doubt improve your 'cool' status by 10 points, but ffs! Its just a phone! I understand some people have different interests than me and i shouldn't put them down, but it just seems that about 10% of the iPhone lovers out their are just a bunch of jerks that are purely buying and praising the stupid thing just because its new and its from Apple! AND im sick of seeing hundreds of different 'unboxing' videos on every tech news site i go to. Christ i wish they would stop just so i could see what was going on in the rest of the tech world.

Its kinda weird, i want one, and I'm sure i will in time, but i don't mind waiting. Its not that I'm not excited, i definitely am, i just think some thing in life shouldn't be swarmed over just because they are new and everyone else wants one. I'm tired and its not helping my judgment on these poor mindless souls.

Its cold in Albury at the moment. Kinda nice. Usually get sick of the cold half way into winter, but this year is different. I almost wish it would continue.

Battery is running out, time to try and sleep again. Nite.

EDIT 9:30am : Yeah, i was grumpy.

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