Sunday, July 06, 2008

My first Sydney

My first time, only ever reached the domestic terminal then left straight away. Stayed in Darling Harbor for three nights with J. Had a great time, best holiday i think I've ever had. J surprised me with a climb over the Harbor Bridge. So awesome, i think every Australian should so it! And as we couldn't take a cam with us so we climbed one of the four towers to get a snap. This one is 6 merged together.

Here's another of Darling, i think this was around 5 merged together.

Three nice restaurants, Blue Fish, Red Mint (Vietnamese) and I'm Angus Steakhouse. Both of us had great meals apart from Blue Fish which required a swap between J and I when her barramundi came swimming in a shallow bath of soy sauce, which luckily i didn't mind but still left a considerable amount when i was finished. The ocean trout J had was almost perfect though sitting atop of a cauliflower mash that i really have to find out how to make.

Red mint was fantastic, messy and fun. The best atmosphere i think I've ever experienced in a restaurant, maybe a little dark but still fun. J had squid and i had blue crab which was the messy addition to the meal but that just made it more fun. Also at Red Mint i found '333', a Vietnamese beer with a terrible website and a fantastic light summer tasting beer.

Last of the three I'm Angus. I've had many mates tell me to try, but obviously never had a chance. Not sure if they have any other locations around Aus? Great steak, service and all round meal. Definitely heading back there next time I'm in Syd. Plus it has a great name......
I was actually pretty keen not to have this photo taken, but lucky J was persistent :)

Apart from that we had a lot of sushi and finally got to experience a sushi train, which was as awesome as i thought it may have been.

Did a lot of walking and a fair amount of shopping. I think i could almost map the shop names and locations on most of George St in the CBD. Got to walk through the new Apple store which was cool. Mad me want a 24inch iMac even more and a MacPro even more again!

Had an great time, although its not hard to have a good time with J. No matter what we do it seems to be fun and exciting, this just added to that i guess. Next time its her turn to go to a city she hasn't been to, probably either my birth town of Hobart or Adelaide. I wonder if both have sushi trains? Man i feel like some sushi now.

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