Monday, July 18, 2011

BIOS Update for Sunix SATA4000 (Silicon Image 3114) PCI Raid Card

I've had one of these Sunix SATA4000 PCI Raid (fake raid) cards for a while now, and although they are pretty limited in terms of abilities and performance they are reasonably reliable (500+ days on mine without a problem) and very cheap (I paid $10 delivered on Ebay). They use a Silicon Image Sil3114 chip and BIOS so software is pretty easy to get for it as well link.

It's one major drawback is the card ships with a much older BIOS than what's available through Silicon Image, which cant recognise larger hard drives (1TB and up). You can upgrade the BIOS using the Silicon Image BIOS and tool but you need to know what flash chip the cards uses.

The original post here that I found (which has been removed for some time now) stated that it used an AMD 29LV010B 1MB compatible. Using that worked fine for me and now I'm running a 2TB drive on the card without any problem. I also noticed around 20-30MBps more in IO to the older drives on the card. I thought I'd make a quick post about this just in case someone else wanted to know, references to it seem to be disappearing quickly.

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