About me

Hi, my name is Gus. This site is my personal site and blog. What's with all the references to MacGyver? From a very young age I have been utterly enthralled in the 1985-92 television show MacGyver. The show had a massive lasting affect on me, and although I could never grow a mullet like MacGyver I always could depend on the fact that we would always share the same first name.

I started using iammacgyver as a username simply because I thought it was rather unique and no one else seemed to be using it. The domain name followed and now I cant shake it. 

I work in the IT industry at a medium to large tertiary education facility. Outside that I'm crazy about music, food and art (if you like music you might like to check out my other project Owl Empire). 

If by some chance you're Richard Dean Anderson and you have stumbled across this site, I hope you don't mind me using two thirds of you vectored face in my banner. Seriously your a legend, don't change.