Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I want some of that leadership

While eating breakfast I was watching the ABC's (Australian Broadcast Corporation) version of channel 9 and 7's morning show this morning. It’s basically the same but without the plentiful crap and more real news. One of the latest news stories was a recent announcement from the Obama administration and how they were going to tackle the US' reliance on foreign oil.

The US has a massive impact on our economy, but I think some Australians are making a little too much fuss over Mr Obama. I certainly don't want to become one of these aUStralians, but dam can that man talk. I think if I was terminally ill, I'd want Obama break it to me. Apart from the small errors in his inauguration 'swear in' I don't think he has messed up once? It's not only his decisions and directions, its how he talks about and tackles the issues. He has a presence too me like no other politician I have ever known, form any country.

I didn't vote for our Mr Rudd, I'm from a very rural area so the 'farmer conscious' National party got my vote, but Mr Rudd certainly hasn't upset me and I think he is doing a very fine job. Obama just hits the right note on everything for me.

Meanwhile, for the last couple of weeks I dont remeber seeing Rudds face on the news at all due to the all the Obama excitment. Anyone would think Austalia was the 51st state.

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