Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Super growth man!

For the last couple of months something weird has been happening to my body, my finger and toe nails have been growing stupidly fast!

How did i arrive at this conclusion, well, when i was in my late teens a friend and i pondered how long it took for nails to grow and if it was always the same. So we ran a little experiment and found out it took around a month for my fingers and around two months for my toes (very approx). I think the friend i was doing the experiment with forgot all about it a day after we had discussed it so when i took my findings to him many months later it was rather humorous, nether less i had a rough benchmark in my head.

All of a sudden, they are all growing a triple the speed! Each week I've had to take my clippers to them, and it seems to have been fairly consistent for the last two months. I haven't changed my diet, i haven't been eating/drinking any gelatin or other nail growing mixtures, I'm a little puzzled by it.

If this is a mutation and I'm getting some sort of super power its lame, and i wish it would stop.

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  1. gussie, this is gross. you are obviously overstating the truth...a lot.