Monday, February 19, 2007

Random Tech

In the past week or so I’ve seen many reports that 'apparently' Dell are finishing up the Axim. According to many of the reports they will stop the line after the last of their stocks are finished. Big move I say, the Axim has been one of the best selling PDA's so it was a strange move on Dell's part.

By chance I was talking to a Dell rep two days ago and I thought I’d give him the question. When asked if the rumour's where true I received a disappointed look with a half smile, a pause, and then "it’s not set in stone but yes they will be stopped".

I then asked the big why and got a very interesting answer (which probably should have been expected), its seems that Dell are working on a 02/iPhone killer. They want it to be easy enough for mum or dad but also meet the needs of the business man, and they will be pricing it to kill the rest of the market.

The rep couldn’t give me much detail on the workings or even if it would run Windows Mobile 6 (I would highly assume it would), but I was told that they wanted a keyboard system that was better than the rest.

Could be interesting to see... 2007 the year of the next-gen mobiles???

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