Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Soooooo, still without internet... writing a blog without internet is really friggen hard. Oh well, stealing wifi will have to do until I have it.

So I just finished filming episode 6 of techAU, a lot of fun. Wanting the production to get better but I guess that it’s only going to get better in time…

Had an awesome engagement party on the weekend for Fanky and Jen (aka jenTopia), congrats to them both, very happy for you both. Awesome fun, good friends, good times. You know it’s a good time when you don’t stop having fun the whole night, and you don’t regret it the next day! Totally rad! Only hope when it’s my turn to be wed my engagement party is half as good.

There was supposed to be a beetle’s tribute band, but it never happen. I got a little scared at first, but then thought it might be cool. Oh well, probably for the best.

I better go, the guy from the house that I’m stealing wifi from is kinda looking at me funny. Should be making more blogs soon. Internet SHOULD be connected by the end of the next 2 weeks… providing a certain telecommunications company doesn’t be dick.

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